“From their debut gig at an Oxford Ball
to gracing the stage at Carnegie Hall,
this talented duo has done it all!”

Distinguished Concerts International, New York

Green Christmas (2020 single)

“There is simply only one Christmas jazz song you need to hear this year and that’s Green Christmas by L’Estranges in the Night. You’ll be green with envy wishing you’d written it yourself…” Gareth Malone

“Another sure-fire hit from Joanna! We all love a catchy Christmas song, but this new one has a much deeper and important environmental message – clever words, lovely tune and beautifully well-crafted. It deserves to join the ranks of Christmas classics!” Ben Parry

“This is a fine Christmas song with a different twist….and the band RULES!” Anders Edenroth, The Real Group

New things to say: Songs of L’Estrange & Legrand (2012 album)

“Quality vocal writing, impeccable performances and lovely, expressive singing from Joanna Forbes L’Estrange.” Ward Swingle (founder of The Swingles)

“Beautifully performed, produced, interpreted and arranged and (unsurprisingly) utterly musical at every turn. Joanna’s voice is stunning.” Howard Goodall CBE

“This is just gorgeous. Unbelievably luscious.” Eric Whitacre

L'Estranges in the Night


Green Christmas

CD Cover - Green Christmas by L'Estranges in the Night

New things to say: Songs of L’Estrange & Legrand

CD Cover - New Things To Say by L'Estranges in the Night

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