My wheel and I

Song Cycle: vive la vélorution!
My wheel and I

Music Alexander L’Estrange
Lyrics Alberto A Bennett
Performed by L’Estranges in the Night
Lead vocal Joanna Forbes L’Estrange
Backing vocals Alexander L’Estrange
Guitar Alexander L’Estrange

(from SONG CYCLE vive la vélorution! by Alexander L’Estrange
Published by Faber Music)

There’s a road we know,
My wheel and I,
Where we love to go,
My wheel and I.
There the briars thick by the roadside grow,
And the fragrant birch bends its branches low,
And the cool shade tempts us to ride more slow,
My wheel and I, my wheel and I.

But through shade and sheen,
My wheel and I,
By the hillsides green,
My wheel and I,
We roll along till there’s plainly seen
The bridge that crosses the deep ravine,
With its echoing rocks and the brook-laugh between,
My wheel and I, my wheel and I.

There’s a hill we hate,
My wheel and I,
But we toil up straight,
My wheel and I,
For beyond the hill is an ivy-crowned gate,
And a pair of eyes that to welcome us wait,
If we do not haste we will surely be late,
My wheel and I, my wheel and I.

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